What is Kousmine Therapy?

The Kousmine method is a nutritional methodology which aims to rebalance the body's biochemical functions, through a healthy and vital diet.

What is its goal?

Dr. Kousmine realized, many years ago, that it was impossible to obtain positive results against modern degenerative diseases (especially cancer and autoimmune diseases), without radical changes in dietary habits.

What is it about?

  1. The basis of her nutritional approach is the use of whole, biological grains, fresh fruit and green vegetables, legumes and especially cold-pressed oils, rich in unsaturated fatty acids (vitamin F), which provide antioxidant protection to cell membranes. It is also foreseen a significant reduction of animal proteins and an integration of vitamins and trace elements that the diet alone can not guarantee in the right amount. Refined foods, sugar, processed industrial products, stored and chemically manipulated, must be completely removed from the diet.
  2. The morning breakfast meal should be rich enough to provide many nutrients and to this end Dr. Kousmine has proposed the so-called Budwig cream-based yogurt, fresh cereals, oilseeds, fruits and cold-pressed sunflower oil. This breakfast provides energy and nutrients to start the day. If you change your way of life according to these rules your immune system will also be fortified so as to cope very well with the process of rebalancing in the common degenerative diseases favoring their prevention.
  3. The bowel is assisted by enemas and rectal introduction of cold-pressed oils. Finally, acidification of the body must be fought through an alkalizing diet or through the oral intake of alkaline mineral citrates.

What is it capable of?

The Kousmine method restores the bowel hygiene, leading to a rebalancing of the bacterial symbiont and to a decrease in the putrefactive one, that causes chronic auto-intoxication.

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