MAM treatment is a method based on an innovative but already proven effective machine.
The MAM method starts with a first visit to detect and accurately report the contracture points, the map of pain. No specific laboratory tests are required before treatment.v An average course of treatment involves four additional sessions to be performed a week apart from each other.
After the second session, in a substantial number of cases, a significant reduction of pain is already obtained. Muscular sound module MAM is a generator of acoustic waves modulated in power and frequency with automatic electronic control.
A probe transmits painlessly the train of acoustic waves through the skin surface of the subject into the underlying tissues. MAM is a CE certified device and is the result of national and international patents.

Frequent indications

Frequent indications
  • Headaches, which are often muscle-tensive;
  • pain from osteoarthritis of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar tract and of upper and lower limbs;
  • pain caused by scapulo humeral periarthritis;
  • radial epicondylitis;
  • pain from sports injuries such as groin, or deep muscle groups such as ileo-psoas, obturator, piriform;
  • pain unresponsive to drug therapy and not regressed after surgical treatment;
  • muscle imbalance and postural pain that, through myofascial kinetic chains, occur in remote areas to the same block;
  • pains that have undergone several rounds of post-surgical rehabilitation, physiotherapy and massage therapy cycles with no appreciable results.
All the pains characterized by absence of tissues inflammation, no swelling, redness and heat of the tissue in the painful area are particularly sensitive to MAM Method.

Treatment is indicated in the management of all types of acute somatic pain (post-operative pain, rehabilitation pain or pain caused by trauma) or chronic pain of arthritic, rheumatic, myalgic, traumatic or post-operative origin.

Excellent results are obtained by persons subject to headache, dizziness, chronic venous insufficiency and claudication of the arteriopathics.

How mam overcomes suffering

Pain usually originates from a physical, intense, mechanical, or chemical stimulus, or may be due to a muscle contraction. The great part of somatic pains are due to muscle contracture.

This results in:
  • reduced capacity for work;
  • a reduction in muscle strength;
  • symptoms such as fatigue, numbness, burning, functional helplessness and of course pain.
The muscle works like a radio transceiver, receives the mechanical signals that arise within it, sends it to the spinal cord, which processes them and sends them to the muscle, which changes the tone.
When the muscle is contracted, the transmission is locked. During the movement, the contracture persists and the muscle tone is not correct. This creates a vicious cycle that favors contracture and pain.
MAM, through modulation of the emitted acoustic frequencies, interacts with the painful muscle, and, using appropriate massages, activates the tone of the muscle fibers in a few sessions, restoring the normal function of tone adjustement.
The treatment is particularly suitable for those who did not receive benefits after treatment with conventional drugs (analgesics, anti-inflammatories, steroids, muscle relaxants), treatments of physiotherapy, manipulation, infiltration and / or interventions, and in cases where the patient on dialysis carries a peacemaker and is required to avoid the use of drugs.

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