Ipertensione - Prevenire e curare con il cibo

High blood pressure is a very common disease in the western world , linked to personal factors but also to the style of vitae to conduct food . Too many animal foods , sedentary lifestyle and dovrappeso are often at the root of the rise of the persistence of this disease.

In the first part of this book discusses the major risk factors and propose the best solutions to intervene in a natural way and control of hypertension , thus avoiding its late complications . In addition to addressing the problem of salt and fat , and the steps necessary to change the diet, the author illustrates food supplements , herbal products , and the main homeopathic remedies useful in the fight against hypertension .

The more than 80 recipes to help " eat well " from bread to salad dressings and sauces , from breakfast to desserts . Organic vegetables , legumes, cereals and flours , extra virgin olive oil are among the ingredients that provide flavor and healthy eating . The beautiful photos make the recipe even more appetizing.

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